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Happy 9?th Birthday to my Grandmother!

































It is my wonderful Grandmother’s birthday today. At first I though it was her 98th birthday but every time I talk to her the year changes. I guess once you reach a certain age you can be whatever age you would like to be :).  All I know is that she is one amazing woman!

Every time I visit her (which I try to do often) she always has some wonderful stories to tell of her past (being born, raised, and living almost all of her life in my home country of Laos). The story of the birth of my father (her first born), the death and lost of her only daughter (out of half a dozen boys), her childhood, my great grandfather,  and the struggles of living in a rural area of a war torn country.

It is always a gift to visit her because she gifts me with priceless stories and memories of her past that will live on with me .

Thank you again Grandma for everything you are and the love that you give to all of us grandchildren and great grand children. We can’t wait to celebrate your birthday (which ever year it may be).



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