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Mother's Day Surprise

Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day at my parent’s little Laotian church. I don’t think I’ve missed a service in over a decade (ok that makes me feel old). My siblings and I are scattered through out the Bay Area but each year we come together to this little church on the West Side of Modesto in order to honor and celebrate my Mom and my Grandma.

Each year the Ladies group goes up in front of the congregation and sings a very special Mother’s Day song that makes everyone cry. I mean EVERYONE. Not a dry eye in the house.

Early Sunday morning we packed our little family in the car and made the 2 hour drive to my parent’s little church. I had my Mother’s gift and my Grandmother’s gift and fresh cut flowers from our new garden. Before leaving we couldn’t decide if we wanted to bring one or two cameras with us and when I couldn’t decide Mitch said we should just bring two. The only problem with that was that we only had one camera bag we could use since Mitch’s camera bag exploded (literally).  Mitch then said he had a solution and came back with our old vintage Canon bag that held our film SLR. Problem solved.

So fast forward three hours later and we are sitting in church. My mom and the ladies are walking  up to sing their song and I nudge Mitch to grab the camera and take some photos since he was sitting next to the isle. He tells me I should really do it and pulls out my camera and hands it to me. I was annoyed since he was closer  and was even more annoyed when I found out that he had taken my camera strap off the body. I leaned over and whisper “Why did you take my strap off?!”. He shrugged and said “sorry”.

Annoyed I lean over and press the shutter. It was not the sound of the shutter of my camera. So I look down at the camera and realize the buttons were not in the same place so I figured it was his camera (we shoot with different camera bodies) but without his battery grip so it made sense my camera strap wasn’t on it. “Why did you take the battery grip off of your camera for?” I hissed while trying to listen to my Mom sing.  He leans over and says “Are you sure that’s my camera?”.

Confused and having no idea what the heck he was talking about  I turn to him and say “what the heck are you talking about?”.  He then says “LOOK at the camera”.

I look down and realized it was a brand new full framed camera. My jaw litterly fell to the floor.

Mitch leans over and says “Happy Mother’s Day hon” and shows me this photo on the back of the camera.




















Needless to say I was speechless and crying. I also took about 200 photos of my Mom, Grandmother, and the rest of my family yesterday.Thank you hon for giving me one of the best Mother’s Day ever.







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