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Falling into Fall

Fall is here and I can’t believe it.  This summer has passed by so quickly for us. We will be saying goodbye to the long days of sunlight, eating ice cream to beat the heat, and (what I will be missing most of all) chasing the sunset after dinner and before (Luke’s) bedtime.

As I sat around mourning summer and wearing my big pink summer hat  that I got after seeing that Pepsi commercial with Sofia Vergara and her hat,  I tried telling myself Fall isn’t so bad. I have the Holidays to look forward to (which means I can do more crafts and baking! Lots and lots of baking!) and then there’s Luke’s birthday party (it’s going to be cat-astic!). Last but certainly not least there are the gorgeous fall colors to look forward to. The beautiful reds, browns, and yellows.

I had forgotten how beautiful the fall colors are until this last weekend’s shoot.  We were at a beautiful venue shooting a beautiful family.  It had a pond, ducks, rolling hills, fences, and all the natural back drops a photographer could want.

As we chased around a little boy with our cameras I realized how much I loved fall again.


Just a peek at a very sweet little boy!

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