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I Dream in color

If you ask Mitch he will tell you that my dreams are pretty vivid. I’ll wake up and before I even throw off the covers I’ll start yapping away about what I dreamt. And he (while half asleep) would mumble ‘yes hon’, ‘oh really’, ‘wow’, while not actually listening to me.

One of the reasons why I do this is so I can actually remember what I dreamt about (only because it was so cool)! Last night was one of them!

I’ll skip the super hero part and my special flying abilities and go right into the Nikon part of my dream.

So I’m walking (err flying)down a street to go home when I see a parade of little children (very cute kids too)on these tiny tiny miniature real life horses riding down the street. Follwing them closely was a troop of photographers and they ALL had Nikons (I’m a Canon girl). The back of their photographers vest (yes VEST) said “The Children’s Place” (which is real life store that sells kids clothing but in my dream it was a photography company).

So I slowly walk up to one of the photographers and with my back turned to him (all stealth like and through my teeth) I mumbled “do all of your photographers only shoot with Nikons?”.

He then replies, without turning around, “No Meg we don’t all just shoot with Nikons”.

I was shocked and cried “How did you know my name!”. He said I had been standing there for so long he figured it out (as if I had a ‘Meg’ written in huge letters on my back or something). He then handed me a card and asked me if I wanted to work for them. I said I’d think about it and continued on my way home which happened to be at the end of the next street (somehow in my dream I knew this). Now here is where it gets bizarre.

So the Nikon guy asks in amazement “Do you live down this street? Are you sure?”. I was puzzled why he’d ask me until I turned the corner. It was like walking into a fairyland. All the houses were mansions with gigantic gardens and fountains in their front lawn. I could have sworn I saw fairies flying too while I walked down the street.I was amazed that I lived on such a beautiful street until I came to the end of the road and turn left where I supposedly lived.

The house was hidden by over grown trees and shrubs and when I finally got to the end of the driveway what stood before me was a rundown looking old shack. The minute I saw the house I looked down at myself and saw I was wearing tattered old clothes (a potato sack would have looked better).

It turned out that I belong to a Caucasian family (I’m Asian) that looked like the family from Pete’s Dragon! The mom was all dirty with ratty hair and broken teeth and my siblings all had overalls on and dirty dirty hair. The mom was screaming at me “Where have you BEEN!? You have chores to do!”. I had no idea who these people were but I quickly ran and started to do the laundry out of a wooden bucket. I felt like I was erally Pete except for the fact I was a girl and didn’t have a handsome couple fighting for me and singing in the middle of the bay on a boat.I also lacked a magic Dragon :(. It was a good thing I woke up after that.

I then rolled over to recounted everthing to a still sleeping Mitch.

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